The Experiment

BAvanA SaMkar

Chandra was in a torment of indecision. It seemed to him that any
decision he might take could ruin the rest of his life. Now, it may
sound odd to say that an Indian male was being fearful of marriage,
making such heavy weather of what should, by rights, be a simple
decision. Nevertheless, it is a fact that this was exactly Chandra's

Chandra was a "good boy," well-educated, with a cultivated taste for
literature and art. Cultured, affable, and capable of telling the good
from the bad. Not quite the activist, but not what one might call
self-centered either. Achieved employment right after he
graduated. With all his accomplishments, the question of marriage
was still one with no easy answers. To be sure, like a lot of other
people, he too had dreamed of falling in love. But the idea that he
might be in love with Prabha scared him. 

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